Scrooge's Boyhood Home

Scrooge's Boyhood Home

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From Dickens' most popular story, "A Christmas Carol", the Spirit of Christmas Past, appears to Ebenezer and together they travel through the city seeing different places from his past including his boyhood home. Includes the building and accessory.

This is the 1st in a 3 building series - the second of which was Visiting the Miner's Home which was introduced in Jan 2021. Buy it today and look for the last in this series in 2022.

Collect them all! 

Materials Zinc alloy, Porcelain, Light Bulb, Polyresin

Measurements of Product 5.91 in H x 5.12 in W x 7.09 in L

Functional Features Lights Up

Power Features Standard Light Cord w/ 120V bulb

Introduced Jan 2020

Dickens Christmas Carol Line