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Step back in time to the cobblestone streets, gas street lamps and horse-drawn carriages of the 19th century Dickens' Village Series by Department 56. This series of lighted, hand-painted porcelain buildings was introduced in 1984 and inspired by Dickens' novels.

All of these buildings are beautifully crafted to represent the days gone by era of Dickens.  Some of them are from the actual Christmas Carol story while others represent home and businesses that would have been found in that time.  

Fully three-dimensional for views you can enjoy from any angle

Finished in vivid, realistic colors and textures that draw attention to the amazingly lifelike details

We guarantee you will not be disappointed with the quality and beauty of each piece.  

Gift sets often include a figure and a tree or snow.  They are a great way to start a village or give as a gift.

Silver series buildings are made from resin and are a lower price point without sacrificing the quality.  All other buildings are made from porcelain.

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